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Avondale Plaid Jumper

Avondale Plaid Jumper

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  • Kindergarten - 4th Grade 

Sizing Chart: 

Girls Jumpers:
Sz3Reg: Chest: 26in Waist: 20in Length: 21in
Sz4Reg: Chest: 27in Waist: 21in Length: 22.5in
Sz5Reg: Chest: 28in Waist: 22in Length: 24in
Sz6Reg: Chest: 29in Waist: 23in Length: 25.5in
Sz6xReg: Chest: 29.5in Waist: 24in Length: 27in
Sz7Reg: Chest: 30in Waist: 24In Length: 28.5in
Sz8Reg: Chest: 31in Waist: 24.5in Length: 30in
Sz10Reg: Chest: 32in Waist: 25.5in Length: 32.5in
Sz12Reg: Chest: 33.5in Waist: 26.5in Length: 33.5in
Sz14Reg: Chest: 35in Waist: 28in Length: 35.5in
Sz16Reg: Chest: 36in Waist: 29.5in Length: 36.5in
Sz18Reg: Chest: 37in Waist: 31in Length: 37.5in
Sz6Husky: Chest: 32in Waist: 27.5in Length: 26.5in
Sz7H: Chest: 33in Waist: 28.5in Length: 28.5in
Sz8H: Chest: 34in Waist: 29.5in Length: 30.5in
Sz10H: Chest: 35in Waist: 30.5in Length: 32.5in
Sz12H: Chest: 36.5in Waist: 32in Length: 33.5in
Sz14H: Chest: 38in Waist: 33.5in Length: 35in
Sz16H: Chest: 39.5in Waist: 35.5in Length: 36in
Sz18H: Chest: 41in Waist: 36.5in Length: 37in

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